BUSAR team recently deployed to Adiyaman, Turkey

Our team members on the ground successfully helped rescue a trapped victim from a collapsed multi story building.

Burnaby Urban Search & Rescue 

Our Mission

Burnaby USAR Canada is People Helping People when Disaster Strikes

Our Mission is to maintain an Urban Search and Rescue Team possessing specialized capabilities and resources for responding to disaster sites, man-made or natural. The primary purpose of our team is to safely and effectively:

– Rescue those that are in danger

– Search for those that are missing

– Support and help those affected by the disaster

– Recover those that have been lost

– Mitigate major property loss 

Preparation and Mitigation

Our address:

#1250-1500 West Georgia Street, Box 62
Vancouver, BC Canada, V6G 2Z6

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  We accept donations in the form of Cheque, PayPal or Credit Card payment. Cheques can be sent to our mailing address.

Registered Charity # 74231 8918 RR0001 under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada


About us

Burnaby USAR Canada was founded in 2011 by Burnaby Fire Captain Mark Pullen and in 2020 became a fully registered charity under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada.
Our Team is a non-profit, self-funded and self-sustaining team. The team has working experience with Flooding, Earthquake and Hurricane Destruction. Our primary focus is on local disaster mitigation, preperadness and response within the City of Burnaby. 
The team is composed of Professional Firefighters, Police, and First Responders who volunteer their time, to help people in countries that have been affected by Natural Disasters.
Our Technical-Search Team is trained to locate buried victims in collapsed buildings and structures.
The K-9 Teams are trained to detect scent from live or dead victims.
The Team uses Delsar, Seismic/Acoustic life-detecting equipment to find the sounds
of buried victims. Also the team members have the Search-Cam, cameras and microphones to probe void spaces where victims are trapped deep under the surface (ground).

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